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How long will it take for my piñata to be completed? While time varies depending upon size and complexity of your piece, most orders are fulfilled within 4 to 6 weeks.

Does my piñata come filled? No, but filling the piñata is easy! Just unscrew the lid and fill with your favorite treats.

How much candy will my piñata hold? We recommend that you place no more than 10 pounds of candy in the piñata as any more could jeopordize the integrity of the piece.

Can I order a custom made piñata? Yes! Simply call 203-386-8113 or email us at to discuss your needs.

How do I care/store/hang my piñata? Each piñata comes with an instruction guide specific to your piece to help you care, handle, and hang your piñata successfully. Piñatas should never be exposed to rain or extreme humidity.

Do I have to break the piñata? Absolutely not! Many of our clients choose to hang the piñata as display art. When placing your order, be sure to mention this as the piece may be built differently for this purpose.

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