Each piñata begins as a wireframe form wrapped in tape depicting the general shape, size and gesture of the character. (Photo 1)

Next, several layers of papier-mâché are applied. Once dry, the papier-mâché is cut away from the preliminary form and reassembled, resulting in a hollow form. Multiple layers of paste and thousands of newspaper strips are continuously applied to provide the necessary strength to hold the character together. Finer details are now created to begin to bring the piñata to life. (Photo 2)

After the piece is thoroughly dry, a glue mixture is applied. When sanded, a smooth paintable surface results. The final steps include painting the piñata with water-based paints, applying trims and final touches, and finally, a coat of sealant to protect your piñata . Now the character is ready to be shipped to meet its fate. (Photo 3)

Please note that due to the complexity of the process involved in creating your custom made piñata, four to six weeks is required not including shipping time. If you need an item immediately, click here to see piñatas currently assembled and ready to be shipped.

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